Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What's happening to America?

Someone on another board asked that question - it hit me right between the eyes.

It is really odd living in America right now. So many stories flying about, conspiracy theories, somewhere between this and that is the truth, and we won't even know when it slaps us across the face.

We'll just be dumbfounded.

Like we are right now. Like we have been.

Those of us that didn't vote for the current adminstration are just hoping (I guess I am hoping we survive the rest of GWB's term...).

But what then? another election left to vote for the lesser of two weevils? It usually is. It was last time.

What's happening to America? A lot of fear, a lot of shaking of heads. Just hoping more excuses for martial law don't crop up. And also hoping that in the meanwhile, those who would destroy us (before we do it ourselves) don't hit. And hoping that the current hurricane Ophelia is not severe. Nor the next earthquake. Nor the next crop of tornadoes. Blizzard. Heatwave.

We already have drought in the north. Flooding in the south.

And all through it an inexorable feeling that everything is spinning out of control.

Sorry.... not too confident tonight.


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